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I recently graduated as a personal support worker from Durham College. I have been working in my new field for about a month I feel compelled to share my experiences. I promise to maintain patient confidentiality and will never refer to my patients using their real names or initials. I feel that my perspective on my role and the people I work with may be different from most.

My role at the hospital is different from what most people would consider the “traditional” role of a PSW. Most PSW’s work to help clients with their activities of daily living, such as brushing their teeth and getting ready in the morning. Some of us work in more specific situations such as myself. I have 21 patients on my ward and work with 2 to 5 RPN’s and RN’s on a shift. Each of our patients has a unique mix of cognitive and psychosocial impairments, all reside in a locked unit. My job is to Redirect, De-escalate and Divert behaviors in our patients such as aggression, exit seeking and confusion. As well as monitoring and correcting behaviors I provide social interaction, emotional and spiritual care and assist the nursing staff.

I love my job, each day presents a new challenge and a new puzzle to be figured out. I feel like I have made a difference in a persons life every day. I feel so privileged to have this opportunity.

Now as for the blog… some entries may be written in a stream of consciousness format as this is what comes most naturally to me. I promised myself I wouldn’t feel bad for not writing every day so there may be gaps in my updates. I hope you enjoy! And encourage your feedback and comments.